“The Happy Introvert”

IntrovertLadyDo you know if you’re an introvert? Would you be proud to know you were? As I say in my book, “The Happy Introvert; A Wild and Crazy Guide to Your True Self,” when I proudly announced to my mother that I was an introvert, she shot back angrily, “You are not! You are a nice girl!” Now that many decades have gone by, I can say with certainty that being an introvert has brought me many pleasures. I’ve never been bored except when other people don’t know when to stop talking and I try not to let that happen. I generally love people and I spend much of my time studying them. I also like my own company and can find many ways to amuse myself. This is a big subject that I filled a whole book with, so there’s not room to cover it here, but here are some questions you can ask yourself if you think you might be an introvert:

1. Do you usually prefer limiting your time with people to an hour or two?

2. Do people usually realize you’re interesting only after they get to know you fairly well?

3. Are you critical of superficiality?

4. Do you tend to concentrate in depth when doing a project?

5. Is your style of speech relatively calm and quiet?

6. Are you more likely to engage in learning or improving your skills than looking for outside stimulation?

7. Is your ability to remember people’s names average to low?

8. In social situations, do you sometimes or often stand back and observe?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, it’s likely you are an introvert. We all use both introversion and extraversion every single day, but one of these feels more easy and natural more of the time. I kept hearing people talk about introverts in a negative way and I wanted to help clear up some of the misconceptions about this subject. I’m glad I did. “The Happy Introvert” helps those introverts who might think something is wrong with themselves, when really introversion is perfectly natural and necessary. It also tezches people how to relate better to the introverts in their lives.

See the cover and order the book at wagele.com and/or read my articles on “Parenting Introverts,” “A 5 on Music, The Enneagram, and Infinity,” “How to Get Along with Introverts,” and “Introverted Feeling Types;” and see some reviews and an interview here.


3 Responses to ““The Happy Introvert””

  1. Shirley Caputo Says:

    You sure make it easy to determine if a person is an Introvert vs. Extrovert. You also take the time to explain how being an Introvert is not a “negative” thing – just different from an Extrovert, in a good way. Thanks for helping making “Introverts” feel accepting and good about themselves. Great job Liz!

  2. janell moon Says:

    Dear Elizabeth:
    I would love to see your article on the introvert feeling type.
    As a #4 and a INFJ I can feel the struggle between introvert and the feeling. The introvert wants me to tuck in and the feeling wants connection and warmth from others.
    Good luck on your new book. I’ll enjoy reading it. Janell Moon

    • ewagele Says:

      Hi Janell, Most of my writing about introverts is in my book. Some is on my web site, however only the INFPs. http://wagele.com/infps.html
      I talk about INFJs in “The Happy Introvert.”
      I also have an article on my web site about Beethoven as a 4. He may have been an INFJ. I’m not sure.
      Did you go to the CWC brunch? I couldn’t make it. Happy dreams. – Liz

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