Famous People’s Types

Oprah, An Achiever

Week after week the most popular page on Wagele.com is the Famous Types page. I list about 140 famous people, living and dead, and a few movie, TV, and literature characters along with what I have guessed to be their Enneagram and/or MBTI(TM) types.

In “The Career Within You” Ingrid Stabb and I suggest six to eight famous people for each type to help newcomers to the Enneagram get a clearer idea of each personality. Renee Baron and I included a list of famous couples for each Enneagram type in “Are You My Type, Am I Yours?” We didn’t list any in “The Enneagram Made Easy.” There are several famous introverts in my “Happy Introvert,” including a chapter on the movie character, Napoleon Dynamite.

A person’s type is best determined by the person himself/herself. But with famous people, we don’t get the chance to ask them their type. As a newcomer to both systems, the game of trying to guess acquaintances’ and famous people’s types was part of my learning experience, however, and I assume others do this too. It’s important to keep guesses of people you know to yourself, not only because you might be wrong, but also because searching for our own type is an important part of the experience.

The lookalikes that stir up the most controversy on my Famous Types page and among Enneagram teachers are the 8-Asserters vs. the Counterphobic 6-Questioners. 3-Achievers are also sometimes mixed up with 8-Asserters. I’ve received aggressive letters about these kinds of things. It’s not worth being rude about, though—the Enneagram is about getting to know ourselves and to be able to accept others. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong about someone who isn’t there to defend his decision. Another interesting thing about the Enneagram is when someone thinks she is a certain type and other people disagree. Possibly she knows herself better than they do or she isn’t ready to accept that she’s the type she really is. We 5-Observers often learn (by studying the Enneagram) that we’re pretty obsessed to want to know everything. When we “get” this, we can often let go about whether we’re right or not. We realize, hopefully, we don’t want to be invasive because we don’t like being invaded ourselves. We still love information, but we’re training ourselves not to think and say “I know!” all the time.

If you disagree with my guesses on my Famous Types page, let me know by sending me a message in a “comment” to this blog or on Facebook. I’ll take your opinion and any additions you suggest seriously.

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