How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Cartoon by EWagele from "The Career Within You"

Cartoon by EWagele from “The Career Within You”

Are you looking for a job? Make sure the job you’re applying for fits your personality type.

Unemployment nationally is 7.6%. The national economy added 195,000 new jobs in June, Unemployment in May was down in California to 8.6% from 9% in April. The biggest gains were in the leisure and hospitality sector, which added 9,000 jobs, and in the government sector, which added 8,400 jobs. Even though the economy is improving, you may have a better chance of finding a job if you change careers.

My friend Ron is going to be looking for a job soon. He’s been working for the same company that sells electronic parts for 30 years and it’s going out of business. He knows he wants to do something radically different but doesn’t know what.The Career Within You  (by E.Wagele and I. Stabb—HarperCollins publishers) is a practical book on how to choose and manage your career based on the Enneagram personality types. Its Wagele-Stabb Career Finder will help Ron match his particular strengths with the best career for him, perhaps something connected to reading or the arts in his case. After he determines his personality type and chooses the best way to manage his career, The Career Within You will give him detailed steps to take on writing a résumé and landing a new job.

Cartoon by EWagele from "The Career Within You"

Cartoon by EWagele from “The Career Within You”

Chapter 11 is a Job-Hunting Guide. “You can never be too prepared for an interview, whether it is informational or for a specific job opening. Do your homework in advance by looking up the company online, reading articles about its constituents or competitors, and perusing biographical information about the person who will be interviewing you. Interviewers might ask you what you think of their products and services, so gather your thoughts about what you read and observe. Be prepared to make suggestions from your fresh set of eyes and to ask insightful questions. If you know people who have worked for this organization, call them in advance and ask for context and tips.

Review the job description again for clarity about the requirements of the organization. Review your elevator speech and résumé again, matching your experience against those requirements. Skilled interviewers will use a technique called behavioral interviewing, where they will inquire about specific examples of your experience…

Cartoon by EWagele from "The Career Within You"

Cartoon by EWagele from “The Career Within You”

Ideally, all interviews are two-way streets where the employer gets to ask questions to see if you’re the person needed for the job and you get to ask questions to see if the group is the one you want to work for. Unfortunately, the conversation tends to be one-way at first, but you still need to interview the organization and get to the bottom of the ten items in your list of prioritized needs… “

This Dear Abby advice is from the San Francisco Chronicle, 6-22-13:

“Dear Abby: I am the human resources director for a nonprofit organization. Ninety-five percent of all the candidates I interview know little to nothing about the organization for which they are interviewing.

Most organizations are less likely to hire an applicant who has done no research on the company. – Shaking My Head in San Diego

Dear Shaking Your Head: That’s good advice.”

I’ll have to recommend to Ron that he read Dear Abby too.

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Cartoon by EWagele from "The Career Within You"

Cartoon by EWagele from “The Career Within You”


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