About Elizabeth Wagele ~ Appearances

What famous person is this and what was her career?

What famous person is this and what was her career?

• Elizabeth spoke to the California Writers Club  Sept. 15, 2013, on The Enneagram of Death.

• Elizabeth presented The Enneagram of Death with a panel of young people at the International Enneagram Association conference in Denver, on Sunday morning August 4, 2013. See the IEA website for information these conferences.

• Elizabeth gave a book talk at the East West Bookstore. May 25, 2013 on THE ENNEAGRAM OF DEATH. 324 Castro Street, Mountain View CA 650-988-9800 http://www.eastwest.com

• On February 9, 2013 Ruthie Landis and Elizabeth Wagele presented Finding Our Way Home at The Ethical Humanist Society, Skokie, Illinois. It was a “happening”; a provocative day of learning and connecting with others based on The Enneagram of Death, with Elizabeth’s live piano music and comic perspective and Ruthie Landis, therapist, mentor, actor/director. Actors performed monologues from the book and poets and dancers expressed their  journeys with loss, fear, and dying.

Elizabeth appeared with other speakers Saturday, October 13, 2012 at Open Secret Bookstore: 923 C Street, San Rafael, 94901  415-457-4191

Elizabeth presented her new book, The Enneagram of Death – Helpful Insights by the 9 Types of People on Grief, Fear, and Death in Long Beach at the IEA conference in 2012.

* Elizabeth presented a workshop at the 2011 International Enneagram Association Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Parenting Your Child Within: How to Use the Enneagram for Being Gentler on Yourself and Those Around You

• Read about Elizabeth on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Wagele

• See Elizabeth’s videos on You Tube: The Happy Introvert is http://bit.ly/HapInt, The Creative Enneagram is http://bit.ly/cre9gm

• See the reviews of THE CAREER WITHIN YOU and other info at http://www.careerwithinyou.com

• Elizabeth’s website: http://www.wagele.com Find out about and order “The Enneagram Made Easy,” “Are You My Type, Am I Yours?” “The Enneagram of Parenting,” “The Happy Introvert,” “Finding the Birthday Cake,” “The Beethoven Enneagram,” “The Career Within You,” and “The Enneagram of Death” and read articles by Elizabeth. Upload her cartoons to put on your computer or email.

• Elizabeth and co-author Ingrid Stabb were interviewed on “View from the Bay”  KGO-TV February 8 2010: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=view_from_the_bay/everything_else&id=7265342

• Elizabeth has another blog on Psychology Today. http://bit.ly/psychtdy

3 Responses to “About Elizabeth Wagele ~ Appearances”

  1. Laurie Hagan Says:

    Dear Elizabeth, I’ve been looking at your facebook site…and found that you Teach and publish The Enneagram. How wonderful and facinating! Studying the Enneagram has changed everything….for the better. Laurie Hagan

  2. Zafar Satyavan Says:

    My teacher often said.. “creativity is about making complex things simple..” I must get your book..!!

  3. Brooke Summers-Perry Says:

    Elizabeth, I am using your book and another author’s work (Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication) as the basis of a parenting workshop. I would like permission to use some of your wonderful material in handouts and a companion workbook. Please email me so that I can be sure to honor your needs in presenting your materials to others. I will be strongly suggesting each attendant buy the book “The Enneagram of Parenting”.

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