Buy Wagele Cartoons on Mugs, Shirts, etc.

18 Enneagram ceramic mugs with Elizabeth’s cartoons from “The Career Within You” are for sale at Cafe Press, one male and female for each type.  Other products with Enneagram themes are also for sale, including a yoga mat,  T-shirts and sweat shirts, Christmas stockings, water bottles, gym bags, phone slider cases, and pet a T-shirt.

8-Asserter mug

Yellow 7-Adventurer T-shir

Here are the mugs’ descriptions… it’s hard to read all the words on the web site… followed by CafePress title (underlined).

1 “That is not a 4-inch fold and I’m going to prove it.” 1 Perfectionist 4-inch Fold Mug

1 “Call me Scrutin-eyes, the enemy of uncrossed Ts and undotted Is everywhere FOR ALL  YOUR PROOFREADING NEEDS.”

1 Perfectionist Proof Reading Mug

2 This was the last meeting of HELPER’S INC. With everybody OFFERING help there was nobody NEEDING help. It could have been a sad day, but everyone comforted everyone else before anyone felt the loss… 2 Helpers Inc Mug

2 FEELINGS 2 Helper Feelings Mug

3 “She was the best in her yoga class and she got stuck. We’ll see what we can do.” 3 Achiever Yoga Pretzel Mug

3 Helper devil in hell says, “Welcome to your new chambers.” Sign on building says, “Enforced idleness.” 3 Enforced Idleness Hell Mug

4 Man in car sees billboard that says, “Toast the futility of life: MELANCOLA.” 4 Romantic  Melancola Mug

4 Cow to another cow over the fence, “I used to think the grass was always greener too, honey, but 256 pastures later I’ve given up.” 4 Romantic Grass is Greener Mug

5 Larissa concentrated so hard on the dung beetle, she didn’t know a whole city had sprung up around her.5 Observer Concentration Mug

5 Bob was a strange bird. 5 Observer Strange Bird Mug

6 Traffic controller says, “Problem #1 coming in for a landing.” Another says, “Problem #2 coming in for a landing.” Caption: As soon as one is cleared, the other takes off. Questioner Air Traffic Controller Mug

6 Stevie says, “Nope, there’s no cat named ‘Stevie Six’ around here,” looking at a huge monster. 6 Questioner Stevie the Cat Mug

7 Adventurarchy. Words go from “depression” at the bottom of the mountain through “dull reality” to “oh!” to “excitement” to “passion” to “peak experience” at the top of the mountain. 7 Adventurarchy Mug

7 Talkaholics Anonymous Meeting. Signs on wall say, “Listen and Learn,” “An Open Mind, Not an Open Mouth,” and “One Less Word at a Time.” A guy holds up a sign saying, “I’m Ellery and I’m a talkaholic.” They all have gags in mouths. 7 Talkaholics Mug

8 Two strong carpenters at work. One has “I (heart) kittens tattooed on arm, says to the other looking at it, “Wanna fight about it?” 8 Kitten Asserter Mug

8 Woman comes to YIELD sign driving her car. Says, “Very funny!” 8 Asserter Yield Mug

9 Woman in hammock: “An aldercation is when you go away and spend two weeks under the drees.” 9 Peace Seeker Aldercation Mug

9 Man with long hair, beard, etc. goes to hot dog stand and says, “Can you make me one with everything?” 9 Harmonizer “One with Everything” Mug

Cat Mouse Pad

5 Responses to “Buy Wagele Cartoons on Mugs, Shirts, etc.”

  1. Ingrid Stabb Says:

    These are great gifts for friends who know their Enneagram types. For some reason the 6 Air Traffic Controller “Problems” mug has been the most popular.

  2. JoyceD Says:

    I just noticed this post.

    This is a great idea! I tried to click your photos here and your underlined links and didn’t get the results I expected – a link to the said content or a large photo. You might want to think about that next time. Great idea, though. I don’t think there’s a link to it on your web site and your web site is big enough now for a search. It is possible to search everything written by you in one search if you think that would be helpful.

    Also, I don’t see you on the INFP or INTJ or Introvert FB groups. Those would be good places to reply to other’s posts with your expertise to help people learn about you. Would you like me to invite you if I get accepted to join? I just now found them. (I’m a strong IN and weak F/T, P/J.)

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