The Truth About Dreaming

My Asserter Friend

Yesterday I attended a dream workshop given by Victoria Rabinowe and Naomi Epel. The dream I presented featured an Asserter type friend of mine who creates fireworks wherever she goes. Another character was a sulky woman who may have represented a part of myself (I’m an Observer type) that wants more attention and feels misunderstood. Is the message of the dream: 1) to pay attention to my behavior when I feel ignored? Or 2) to be more assertive and tell people what I’m thinking so they can’t misunderstand me? I choose #2.  I can go out and interact more in the world if I need more attention, like my friend in the dream does—instead of passively accepting being ignored. The Truth is that I can create my own kind of positive fireworks. My dreams will probably remind me if I forget. Now I have this assertive friend to guide me in my dreams. She’s been in several lately but I didn’t know why. I’ll go back and check them out.

Yesterday we were expecting a small rainstorm and the wind was blowing. This unusual weather for this time of year inspired me to think about things… like what is the Truth? My son had phoned me a little while before about an article he was writing about our criminal justice system and how it doesn’t compensates the victim. In his plan the criminal would work to pay the victim back. That would both help restore what he took and teach him what havoc he had created by his behavior.

It’s the same principle as having your kids work to pay for the window they break and help install a new one, for example. If they fix the damage, they’ll be more careful next time. It will help them be honest about what can happen when they throw rocks or play with balls too close to the house.

Bernie Madoff’s clients should have suspected his Ponzi scheme when he promised them such huge profits, way out of line compared to everyone else’s. Greed can turn our heads away from seeing the Truth of the investments we make.

When the subject of dreams comes up, it surprises me how many people dismiss them as having no meaning. My own experience of writing down and drawing over 1750 dreams tells me this is not true. I have also seen the intelligence behind the dreams presented by other people in hundreds of dream classes and groups I’ve attended, the best way I’ve found to work on dreams. Sometimes dreams give us models to follow or tell us to pay attention to something important. When people dismiss the validity of dreams, I feel they’re ignoring a potentially important part of their lives.

Among other gifts, my nighttime dreams were directly responsible for creating a new career for me 15 years ago.

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