Famous “Helper” Enneagram Types

Pamela Harriman by E. Wagele

Pamela Harriman by E. Wagele

“We used to say about Pamela that if you put a blindfold on her in a crowded room, she could smell out the powerful man,” a close friend of hers said.

Famous Helpers include Jessica Lange, Nancy Reagan, Tammy Faye Bakker, Dolly Parton, Bill Cosby, Sophia Loren, Rachel Ray, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Ann Landers, and Debbie Reynold’s role in the movie, “Mother.”

In The Career Within You, Ingrid Stabb and I describe Pamela Churchill Harriman, 1920-1997, as an English-born socialite linked to many important and powerful men, who became a political activist and diplomat. Her only child, Winston Churchill, is named after his famous grandfather. Her esteemed father-in-law preferred her company to that of his own son, Randolph, who was infamous for his drinking, gambling, womanizing, and antisocial antics.

Harriman had friendships or affairs with Edward R. Murrow, Prince Aly Khan, Alfonso de Portago, Baron Elie de Rothschild, shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos, and many others. She paid close attention to all of her lovers’ preferences and typical of a Helper, would satisfy all their needs. Harriman’s political career began in the United States through a marriage to an American, Averell Harriman, a businessman and ambassador to Russia and Britain. She became involved with the Democratic Party, creating a new fund-raising system. In 1980 the National Women’s Democratic Club named her Woman of the Year. President Bill Clinton appointed her ambassador to France in 1993.

Sometimes Helpers, especially, are difficult to tell from Peace Seekers. How They Differ on page 174 of Are You My Type, Am I Yours (by Wagele and Baron) in the section on Lookalikes offers these hints:

(Since Helpers usually are Feeling types, Thinking-type Peace Seekers are not likely to resemble them.)

1. Helpers can be intense and dramatic, especially when extraverted.

Even when extraverted, Peace Seekers are relatively reserved, calm, and even-tempered.

2. Helpers usually reveal their feelings easily.

Peace Seekers tend to keep their feelings to themselves, especially when introverted.

3. Helpers generally limit their attention to one person at a time.

Peace Seekers are likely to merge with any of a large range of things: a person, a group, and so on.

4. Helpers often look self-confident and are concerned with their image.

Peace Seekers seem relatively modest and unpretentious.

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